Freelance Social Media Managers UK

Terms & Conditions

These terms will form the basis of our agreement.

DigitalAmbitions will provide the Client with the following contract for social media ad marketing management services. The intent of the contracted work is to deliver social media marketing via Facebook Ads, Google Ads and web development (depending on packages chosen)  in collaboration with the client’s existing strategy to improve and strengthen Client’s online presence, brand identity, and grow the client base.


DigitalAmbitions will provide social media marketing, consulting and execution services in the following areas:

  1. Daily Social Media Marketing Management Services
  2. Monthly Social Media Metrics Reporting
  3. Strategic Collaboration on content creation
  4. Facebook Ads Marketing
  5. Google Ads Marketing

Social Media and Marketing Management – Content & Growth Responsibilities and Deliverables:

  1. Create an editorial calendar to share with the client as a hub for content, campaigns, and ideas
  2. Create visually appealing, branded content pieces that link back to client website, podcast, and blog for all platforms
  3. Curate shared content from leading business, management, and entrepreneur publications
  4. Develop creative content campaigns to support and promote services, events, and training and advise on implementation and content creation ( Buffalo Package)
  5. Create targeted Facebook Advertising campaigns (suggested starting budget £100 per month not included in monthly service fee, depending on chosen package) to increase page following and drive traffic to website & event pages
  6. Cultivate and manage followers by regularly culling inactive accounts “followed” by the client and blocking spam followers
  7. Create and manage the Facebook and Google ads campaign.
  8. Produce video marketing content where subscribed
  9. Deploy Facebook contests and giveaways to generate an online community where subscribed.
  10. Provide monthly performance reports

Web Development:

  • Design clients website as per prior consultation with the client.


Using clear and regular communication through email, phone calls as necessary. DigitalAmbitions will work in cooperation with the Client to manage social media channels according to this proposal.


  • Varies depending on package chosen.

Client Involvement:

DigitalAmbitions cannot be on the clients’ premises or know information that is going on within the company that is new, interesting or relevant for social media writing and strategy. Therefore the client agrees to:

  1. Email DigitalAmbitions with new content information as soon as possible.
  2. Communicate clearly on deadlines with at least 48 hours’ notice of a deadline change.
  3. Request phone calls no less than 24 hours in advance


Working Terms:

DigitalAmbitions relationship with Client be that of an independent contractor, and nothing in this agreement is intended to, or should be construed to, create a partnership, agency, joint venture, or employment relationship. No part of DigitalAmbitions compensation will be subject to withholding by client for the payment of any taxes.

DigitalAmbitions reserves the right to use materials the company creates for the Client for use in their company portfolio but cannot sell branded materials or organizationally specific written content to a new brand.

Monthly agreements, no long term contracts. You can end the agreement at any time for any reason, should you not be delighted with our results.

We recommend a minimum of six months of marketing on social media to see the most optimum results.

If DigitalAmbitions chooses to end this contract before the end of the commitment period, a minimum of 14 days’ notice will be given, ongoing tasks will be prioritized for completion and work will continue until the given end-date and billed.