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Frequently Ask Questions

Do you have Certification?

Yes, you can see our teams certification’s below:


IBM Blockchain 



And Instagram


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How will you know what to do for my organisation?

During the onboarding process, we collect information about your company, customers, target market, industry, competition, objectives and your brand and also carry out our own research to find sources of news, stories and information. Once we have this information we are ready to design, plan and deploy your outsourced service.

And finally our team of developers, graphics designers, advertising experts, copywriters and social media specialists collectively brainstorm to transform your digital presence.


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What if I have a specific message that I want you to promote?

No problem at all. Simply send us an email we will post it to all of your social media pages for you. We just ask for 1 days notice.


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What type of content do you post?

The type and tone of your content is fundamental to succeeding with social media marketing. We advise against trying to Sell! Sell! Sell! with every post as:

A) people do not care for it and

B) they have the ultimate power to unfollow or block you very easily!

Instead we prefer to provide a stream of relevant content that informs, educates and entertains your target audience and combine this with posts that directly promote your product or service.

The aim of the method is to establish your business as a thought leader & source of expert/useful information and thereby nurture your audience over time into becoming customers. The content that we post can be categorised as follows:


  • The most popular industry news, stories and information from across the web
  • Promotional posts for your product/service (that sell your products/services!)
  • News about your business
  • Industry tips
  • Any other specific information that you want us to post (simply email it to us)
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Seasonal / Holiday Posts
  • Humorous images, videos & memes

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What if I don't like a post?

We guarantee to remove and replace any post for any reason free of charge. Just tell us what you didn’t like and why so that we can push through the learning curve asap.


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How do you grow my followers?

This varies according to the package that you purchase. We use very sophisticated software that directly targets the followers of your competition. We also deploy manual outreach and personally invite people that have engaged with your page to follow you. We also use the power of the Facebook ads platform to run paid ads that directly target your intended audience.


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Will I be able to pre-approve the posts before they go out?

We understand that you will want to be comfortable with our work before going live on your social profiles and so, if you require, we can make a series of non-live test posts to first obtain your feedback & approval.

Please note though that client pre-approval of all posts on a continual basis has a significant additional cost overhead (both for you and us) that is not possible at this price point.


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Can I still make my own posts to my social media business pages?

Yes of course!

A behind the scenes, work in progress, before and after video’s or photos are highly recommended.

We encourage our clients to answer inquiries and engage directly with their audience.


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What will you need from me to proceed?

After you have chosen your monthly package,  you are requested to complete an online form so that we can learn everything we need to know about your business.

After that it really only involves providing us with your feedback for a short period in order for us to tune into the style and tone of the content that we post for you. Plus of course you answering the new inquiries that we create for you 🙂

The ongoing monthly progress reports will give you an overall picture of the ROI.


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Our company is not on social media - can you create our social media pages?

Yes and we will do it free of charge if you use our services for 3-months or more. Our team can build pages for you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Instagram and create eye-catching graphic design to match your brand identity.


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What is your success rate?

Are we a secret route to immediate success? Sorry, but no. Building a successful social media marketing campaign from scratch is just like building a brand new business.

It can take some time but ultimately we expect that the combination of different benefits (Brand awareness, fans, clients) that you receive from our packages will far outweigh the cost.


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What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time for any reason and never make another subscription payment.


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How long does it take to get up and running?

Our standard set-up period is 10 days but it is usually less than this. If you need a quicker set-up please reach out to us.


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How do I get started?

Easy! Choose the package that best suits your aim and order online or contact us to arrange a free consultancy call.


Get Started Now Simply answer a few questions about your brand and business and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Question still not answered?

No problem! Contact us now and we will get back to you ASAP!


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